So Grateful

It is Sunday afternoon and I have to say that I am so grateful for my wonderful kids.

So far…

  • They are helping around the house.
  • They are fending for themselves when hungry and not whining there’s nothing to eat…(I may just give it a few more days when they’ve eaten all the good snacks, but for now – all good.)
  • They are helping outside with spring clean up. (Note, they didn’t do fall clean up, but they were busy and I mean super busy – choir & drama auditions, college essays and applications plus a full load of really hard 3rd year engineering courses.)
  • They are amusing themselves, playing well together and enjoying spending time with mom and dad, too.

It is still a weekend, this is “sort of” a normal day off…but tomorrow, I know it may not feel this way when I am “back to work”.

For now, and as much as I can be, I want to remain ever so grateful that we are healthy, fed, and adequately stocked on essentials. Optimistically looking forward to life continuing to be the same…but returning soon to a more “normal” time, sooner rather than later.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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