So Burby

The suburbs – even those close to urban down town – have become so burby during the last year.

Between restricted hours, a shortage of staffing, scared customers, and overly long, seemingly never-ending lock down restrictions, businesses have adapted.

  • They close earlier, or have closed.
  • They seat fewer people, or none.
  • They sell less stuff, or offer less in services.
  • They charge more money, and they make less.

It is a matter of course, a sign of the times, something that really has no way around it.

So we refocus, and aim to get back on our feet – back to normal. (Yes, I said Normal, with a capital N.)

But, we are so burby now, that I really can’t help but think that we are in that little New England town that Jerry and Elaine, or was it Jamie and Paul? No, maybe Dharma and Greg…Anyway, they went north for a weekend getaway from the city, but couldn’t find decent Chinese food after 7PM in the evening. The trouble is…the city isn’t all that much better off, even still. So, we have to be patient, eat earlier, go to bed earlier and try harder to get back to what we once were (if that is, indeed what we want.) Maybe, just maybe stopping work at 5PM and making dinner at home, even on a Friday night is better. Or, maybe it isn’t. Only time will tell. I just hope we have the choice when that time comes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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