Sleep Like a Baby

Whomever said, with all good intentions, may you sleep like a baby

never had kids.

  • or, didn’t remember that babies sleep fitfully.
  • or, how babies wake up every 2 hours or so to be changed or to eat or just because they are feeling lonely.

Maybe they meant…

sleep like you have no worries or concerns.

  • or, sleep like you will have everything provided to you (all you have to do is cry.)
  • or, sleep like you just have to sleep and take care of you for a change.

If only sleep like a baby was those latter wishes. For you out there in the universe who need to hear this (and especially you…the one who needs to have nothing to care about other than recovery on your priority “to do list”) may you sleep like there is nothing else to do but rest as much as you need. We’ve got this. You take care of you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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