Skewed Results

No, I am not talking about marketing spin on the (*very real!) numbers for your business – which is a lot of fun by the way…we can talk about this another time. Today, I am talking about sharing an Amazon Prime account and how it creates skewed results of what you are interested in.

Since Prime came into our lives, we (my husband and I) now share an Amazon account. I assure you, this would not have been a good thing early on in our relationship, but when you are rounding 20 years…it is perfectly fine. Anything we choose to buy online from Amazon at least, is for the house, or for the kids or gifts for family and friends. In other words, I am not worried that he will see what I am buying. (If he could see the “ideas” I am considering – that might actually be a good idea…it might save me from buying the orange sunglasses he was only teasing our daughter that he’d like to get…hint, hint, for his birthday. OOPS!)

However…getting skewed results for ads, bounce-back marketing and trending news topics based on his shopping preferences – on my Facebook account and online search sidebar ads – that is a totally different story! How does this affect retailers and their plans to market to their customers? I would think it affects them a lot. It is something to consider – and to adjust when planning your online marketing to make sure it is as effective as you want it to be (or hope it will be.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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