Singers Are Alive

I couldn’t resist a bit of a carryover from yesterday’s “malls are dead” with today’s post that singers are alive…even when they aren’t.

The movies and documentaries that capture a new generation’s interest, awe, love and admiration are so important.

Everyone who talks about Freddie Mercury’s story and Bohemian Rhapsody does so with a sigh, a smile and an exclamation that it was AWESOME. It reminds me a little of The Doors, with Val Kilmer – though I think that was more about how closely he looked like Jim Morrison.

No matter what generation, those stories that are told give us insight into their dreams, their lives and their journey.

Even when they are gone, these famous singers are alive in our minds, our memories and our hearts…just like the real ones who will perform for us tonight. Who knows where they will go, but we can’t help but want to watch and help celebrate them, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I will leave the option to talk about A Star is Born (rekindling the success of the original, original from 1937 in another post…)

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