Shocking Transition

The change of seasons, from one holiday to another should not really be implemented in a shocking transition.  I know we have all been talking about this and lamenting the shortening of the time to go from back to school, to Halloween and on into Christmas…it is indeed our sad reality.

We have gone (in a matter of a day or two, even less in some cases) from bright oranges, white, neon yellow-greens and purples to brights of cherry red and evergreen. If, perhaps – the stores eased us into it slightly, adding burgundy and golds while deleting the witches pale verdant faces and striped socks that no mortal would wear – it would give the advance planners what they need. You know, the ones who have to be ready with their entire theme of decor, table settings and outdoor buntings, while not hearing lamenting disappointment of presumed retail greed from the rest of us.

I know, first hand that it does take months to plan holiday themes – in retail – and everything else that it entails besides time.

  • The product.
  • The pricing…
  • The promotional signage and offers!
  • To, where, oh where we are going to put all of that product in the store?

Most retailers keep it in the far recesses of the back of the floor plan to allow (aka force) you to meander all throughout the aisles in search of what you do need…like paper towels and pretzels for lunches.  If only they didn’t also blast us at the front door on Day T-54, then we would be able to gradually ease into it and peek into that corner when you wanted to do so.

Of course, as we approach Thanksgiving, the panic could set in, to those so inclined. There are still many who are last minute shoppers. Those people who aren’t likely to be responsible, nor endeavor to take on decorating their home, whether inside or outside – well maybe on the front lawn. Yes, they might never venture that far back into the department store.

All I am suggesting is that we probably need the product in stores sooner than later, but it doesn’t have to be a shocking transition. We could go from pumpkins and fall leaves, to cornucopia and Merlot wine colored candles, strings of cranberry beads and gold accents to add to our front door, table and more. Then, as the season continues to get closer, add in the other brights to encourage the festive nature of Christmas. Or. Or, we could also ask: “why do we need all new decorations, every year, every season?” If it is only because they are selling it, well, then we are our own worst enemies and we are the ones to blame.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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