Self Service Minimums

In the environment when someone has to help themselves, you may end up with “self service minimums“.

In this scenario, consider someone who actually comes to the store because the website was not clear and/or lacked some information. When they get there, all they find is a kiosk with a tablet that just shares the same information that was available online. Without the opportunity for the customer to obtain assistance, they have a choice.

Go somewhere else or decide to just do it on their own.

The business may lose out in either case:

  • The business has no opportunity to upsell (and the time spent by an employee would be overwhelmingly covered by the time invested).
  • The customer will just buy what they think they need (and may be sadly uninformed, which can lead to future disappointment and the end of the loyalty to the business.)
  • The customer will not choose to buy any items that are not clearly described, lack a picture or how it is made.
  • Products that would normally go together may not be chosen (and then, they will be tagged as low volume and may be discontinued for no valid reason.)

Even the best online site is not likely to be as good as a human who can explain the options, help make informed decisions and avoid mistakes from happening.

Don’t just settle for self service minimums. Offer to help those who want it…and use automation for the ones who have been there before and know what they’re doing go on their own.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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