Saturdays Used to Be This Busy

I think, in the “olden days”, Saturdays used to be this busy.

This, Saturday has been fairly – let’s just say – insane.

Our pre-snowstorm, with no snow yet, because it’s over 50 degrees angst has everyone out and about. Running to the mall, the grocery store, the book store, Target, the gym, restaurants…even bowling is on the list.

Somehow, all of them are busy.

Musing, as I do, watching the insanity, makes me wonder if this is what it use to be (in the olden days) when EVERYONE went to church on Sunday, unless they went to Synagogue, and people had no choice but to cram all of their shopping into one day – Saturday for churchgoers and Sunday for those attending temple .

Stores were closed. All stores.

Restaurants were diners, McDonald’s and fine dining spots. They didn’t include “fast-casual” brands that met everyone’s particular and unique taste preferences. Book stores were more often tailored to an industry, or at least less-frequented than the local library. Target didn’t exist, at least outside of Minnesota until 1962 and then grew through the mid-west first.

No one went to a gym, because they actually moved their bodies enough… they spent time walking, gardening, hanging laundry on the clothes lines, fixing the car, taking out heavy tin can and glass trash – nothing was in plastic or recycled paper.

In this day and age, I still do brick and mortar shopping for a lot of my purchases (especially as I find Amazon less and less satisfactorily meeting my search criteria) and most Saturdays are busy, but not crazy.

So, while I appreciate that Saturdays used to be this busy, I am even more so happy that they aren’t – usually – anymore.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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