Right Back At You

How proud you are when someone appreciates you? When they go out of their way to thank you for doing a good job? When someone tells you that they appreciate what you have done? All of this happens and at the same time, you are mutually appreciative of them – you want to say “right back at you“…but you need to say more.

What can you say that they haven’t already said?

The mutual admiration society probably has some good tips.

What if, what if…

The person who is on the other side is one of your children, or a student?

When it is someone you have mentored for years and you are so very proud of them – and then some…

Then, they go one step further and they repeat advice to you that you have been sharing with them for years.  “Yea, right back at you…mom/dad…” they are your mirror, yet somehow a much improved vision being reflected than you have ever seen before. And yes. Then, you just can’t believe how amazing you feel. Yup. That. Happens.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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