Productivity and Progress

Each day, we want to have both productivity and progress in our lives – no matter what it is for – our work, our home, our hopes and dreams.

Being productive especially in the age of social media and ever increasing ways to spend time online – makes it difficult to be both at the same time.

Admittedly, a lot of what I do involves being online. That can waste a lot of time. Staying focused is essential.

Also, in spite of how much we can get done remotely, sometimes, what we do can only be done well when we are face to face with people. While that is a good use of time, we don’t always make the amount of progress we would like to make when we are together. Plus, getting in front of each other, in and of itself, takes time. Travel, trains, planes, eating (fueling up both our bodies and our vehicles), preparing for the meetings, and following up on them, too.

Still. Finding the best way to communicate is essential.

Helping our kids, from the very beginning, learn these skills are our responsibility as parents. Helping colleagues and coworkers find their way can only help the mutual goal you have…

We all want to go places – for fun, in our career, with our family – we just have to be even better at productivity and progress to make all of that happen on our schedule or preferred timeline. Keeping at it, practicing and staying focused is what helps to make it work.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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