Prettier From A Distance

With social distancing becoming the norm, it is easy to say that most of us are prettier from a distance.

That may sound harsh… but, it is true.

Farther away, things get blurry. The stray eyebrows, lip liner slightly off it’s mark, or twinges of grey showing up at the temples…

In the city, if you are on the other side of the river, you don’t see the peeling paint, the litter in the streets, the graffiti…

It is a random thought, but today – I am thinking of New York City – and other cities (and their people) we won’t be visiting any time soon. They are all (currently) much prettier from a distance. I haven’t thought of you (NYC) in that way in a while but, I am missing you a bit more than usual, I wouldn’t choose to travel there anytime soon, but still the wistful thought is there. Wishing, more than anything, that it was a very different time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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