Play Games

This week, we were told that if you play games, the right games, you will probably learn more than…

  • memorizing;
  • being drilled on topics;
  • reading something that doesn’t interest you; or,
  • sitting in a classroom with someone droning on (and on and on,) up front.

Of course, you do learn if:

  • you are naturally able to read something and remember it;
  • you talk about topics often;
  • you are actually interested in the subject matter; and,
  • you enjoy the story being told by a dynamic and engaging person at the front of the classroom.

Setting aside the latter grouping, you have a better chance with almost any generation – but most specifically the Millennial and Generation Z – if you gamify the topic. Start by creating a challenge, have lots of detail that stimulates their mind with sound, engaging visuals, memorable characters and rewards for accomplishments.

Is it really possible, however, to gamify learning and make it stick?

Sure, most of us would prefer to play games. If learning using this strategy works, then there must be a way to turn work into meaningful productivity in the same manner; and if so, life could be a lot more fun.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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