Plans Change

Sometimes, plans change. Going with the flow can be just as good. 

  • You thought you wanted to be a baseball player.
  • Maybe you’d wanted to fly planes.
  • You studied one thing, but you’re doing quite another.
  • Ski? No snow.
  • Swim? Too cold.
  • Be a vegetarian….not if you like bacon.
  • Work from home…only if you prove you can…
  • Get married, have kids – or not. 
  • Build a spec house planning out every detail.
  • Live in the city. 
  • Be a country mouse.
  • Visit your sister and her family hours away…

You can change what you’ll do, what you’ll learn, what you’ll become good at doing – but only if you’re flexible.  Sometimes things don’t go as originally planned and you have to stay at home. But, yea, no matter what, you can still make it great, even if your original plans change

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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