Planning Ahead

It is hard to keep planning ahead when you don’t know exactly how far in advance you might need to plan.

But, do your best.

  • Groceries.
  • Tissues.
  • TP.
  • Hair color…bet some, but not all, have thought of that.

All of this and yet, these other things, too.

The retailers who did (plan ahead – in fact they planned months ahead), but now they have inventory on things that just might never be bought.

The restaurants that thought they’d have enough, but now are selling more staples, eggs, cheese, or produce than prepared meals.

When all of the rules or predictability fall apart, we just have to guess. Planning ahead, far, far in advance, may be just what you have to shoot for at this point. Think one, two, three weeks (or months) out on some things. Because, as we now know, you just never know.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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