Pink Isn’t for a Girl

Let’s just make sure this is clear…pink isn’t for a girl anymore than blue is for a boy.

We can love whatever color we want, pink or blue, yellow or green, black or red, grey or purple…maybe not orange (just kidding.)

My son wasn’t all about blue…his favorite color being green. Maybe because he could have been born on St. Patrick’s Day, maybe because we steered away from blue, maybe because he is averse to vegetables. The closest he gets to them is actually having green as his favorite color.

Interestingly enough, neither of my girls ever liked pink, not really as a favorite color anyway and especially not for clothing. That was just fine with me. They tended to climb trees and ride bikes in whatever they wore, even a dress. So, if it was denim it was more likely to make it through more than one wearing before it was too muddy to wear again.

I digress, I often do.

I can’t help it. My kids always make me think.

Did we do this to them, or did they choose these preferences all on their own?

We will never know.

Now, looking back on today, many years ago, we were not 100% sure we were having a boy or a girl, just a baby. I had my suspicions, but who believes a mom’s intuition*? We had clothes that were flexible, appropriate for either option. We were prepared for anything.

Now, for this birthday celebration, it is clear that the pink isn’t for a girl, but for a boy. A boy who is more of a man these days and one who happens to likes strawberry cake, or icing, or a combination of both – with or without chocolate. What mom would say no to that? It is always their choice…even if we plan the cake days in advance, without them knowing. Happy Birthday to strawberry cake lovers everywhere – and the special one who lives here!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

*Everyone should, by the way, they are often spot on.

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