Perceived Value

The perceived value of a discount is often greater than the actual discount.

How much are you willing to sell your information for these days?

  • Free = Facebook (the more time you spend on it, liking, sharing and commenting, the more you expose your preferences, demographics and quite honestly, your friends.)
  • 5% off = Target discount on each purchase using your store card…which may as well be the upcharge they have vs. other stores, but their services are helpful (can we say contactless delivery to your car?) and their stores are clean and bright.
  • 10% off = your phone number, which can now be used to text you whenever the retailer wants.
  • 20% off furniture on a discount site – keep in mind it was for a teenager’s bedroom, and their tastes will change soon enough – you are not making an investment, you are solving a problem, but this will = thousands of e-mails from 3rd parties that you didn’t know would get your deets.
    • or, and maybe even more popular, the ever present Bed Bath and Beyond coupon…
  • 50% off (or, buy one get one…even better, buy one give one) = buying too much, or paying more than you need to pay, but for a good cause.

There are many ways we see perceived value of a discount or a sale, but few of us take the time to actually calculate the benefits. Think about it. Just a bit. May be this helps, maybe it doesn’t but now, you won’t be unaware.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Wasn’t Black Friday just happening in October…not November and in December, too?

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