Pastels are OK

If you are a 6 foot 2 inch man, yes, pastels are OK. No one, I mean, no one person will make fun of you if you wear that color yellow. (Of course, I think society should be okay with it, even if you are a 5’2″ man, you should be able to wear what you want!)

Whether it was his mom’s favorite color or the love of golf pants (worn when he played)… my grandfather loved the color yellow. Each of his daughters came home in a yellow dress, his grandchildren (except for me) did, too. It was a tradition.

* He made it up to me with a promise of a yellow Rolls Royce for our wedding – the limo was our ride to and from the church, not a gift!  I thought that was a fair exchange and went well with the bridesmaids dresses for our spring wedding.

Be who you are. Pass on your traditions. Wear what you want. It is completely up to you and yes, pastels are absolutely, a-okay.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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