One Too Many

There are a lot of things that you can do, decisions made, that are just one too many.

But, then, there are the other things that you *can’t* control. Easily.

The amount of spam you get.

The number of texts sent in a group chat.

The alerts you get (now) from your (perhaps formerly) favorite retailer that say:

  • your order has been received;
  • your items are being picked;
  • your package is being prepared;
  • your box is being taped shut;
  • your shipment is at the carrier for pick up;
  • your gift is on the way;
  • your driver is en route – just 11 stops away;
  • your crumpled, half opened, nearly empty cardboard box is on your front step;
  • your app – complete with picture shows that it has arrived – even though you know this because your dog already told you they were on the porch and barked all the way through your presentation.

Of all of those, there was probably just one too many communications and all they needed to really do was to get it to you in one piece. Sometimes, we get too much information, but we are hesitant to share critical feedback because we don’t want to upset anyone along the way in case we make it worse.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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