One More Channel

If it was just one more channel, it would be easy.

But, it is not just one, it is two or ten at a time.

Club House, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber… Time of course will tell which ones will stick and furthermore, rise to the top.

Of the over 100 apps and sites, there are easily a top ten and a pretty clear top 20.

The biggest consistency of all – how much time they take to use, manage, follow, share and update. Something, somewhere will need to give in order to make room.

We have “been here before”. Today, however it is social apps that replace the endless add of one more channel on cable television, which as we know now, most were replaced by a website, a small handful of streaming services or one of the top 10 social media channels. Good luck choosing; but choose wisely.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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