One Little Letter

It was my fault. Well, me and my husband anyway. We did it on purpose. We decided that we would replace the PH with an F, in Sofia. How could one little letter cause so much concern?

The Italian (and French) spelling versus the traditional Greek. The former being part of our heritage, the latter – not so much – even though I am honored and touched when someone asks me if I am Greek.

So, yes. Every time someone spells it wrong, she flips out.

She’s 11 and yes, it matters.

It runs in the family.

For my sister, it was using her entire name and if you dared to shorten Jennifer, you must only use one N.  She was less than 11 the first time I recall her being very short with someone. “My name is Jennifer, or if you must, Jen as in J-e-n.” (Not Jenn, Jenna, Jenny, Jennie…or any other form.) Being born in the 70s, Jennifer was the MOST popular name for over 14 years!!

I guess with that many Jennifers in the world, you’d start to understand how much one little letter matters. This is just two people I know… and I’d bet there are more of you out there, in addition to you the grammar policers, you the spelling fiends – and don’t get me started on the mis-use of the apostrophe, but please, please don’t give me a hard time about elipsis…they are just so cute.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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