On the Beach

When you are on holiday, hanging out on the beach – or at the shore as we would say here in the mid-Atlantic area – you definitely need a few essentials.


A blanket, towel or chair.

Sunglasses (duh.)

Hat – optional although highly recommended.

Umbrella (also optional but if you have sleepy people in your group, keep them under it or suffer the consequences.)

Sunscreen…believe me it just takes a few minutes.

A book – hopefully the ability to read and relax.

That is all.

I know, those who know me, the stuff we haul is more often a longer list than that…

Beach toys for the kids and the inclined parents.

A shovel, or two – to dig to cooler sand, finding water, building a sand castle, complete with moat and driftwood shutters.

Other things we like to bring to have with us are fun, like Twizzlers, cold beverages, cookies and maybe some real food – but it depends on how far you have to walk to get on the beach from the house. 2 and a half blocks is okay, more than that and we are all cranky before we get there and all the way home, too. (Yes, even after spending the day in the most wonderful place in the world.) Later, drifting off to sleep, the smiles start – and over all the memories are good…way better than staying at home for the entire holiday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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