Older and Wiser

Sometimes, being older and wiser just seems like a problem. No one really wants to hear from you, especially your children, or younger team members for that matter.

It is okay, though.

Don’t lament the situation. Try, instead, to remember back when you were them, or in their position.

  • They haven’t lived it yet.
  • They don’t know for themselves.
  • They need to experience life to fully understand it.
  • They want to learn for themselves.
  • They must have their option to see what might happen.
  • They can make decisions for themselves on how they want to live once they have the ability to go out on their own.


It is most interesting when your older and wiser children come home from college. While they are, indeed, more worldly, more educated, more aware of what it means to be an adult…they are confused by their younger siblings. Of course, you can smile, knowingly, without saying “I told you so” while they get to annoy (or be annoyed by) their younger siblings who have yet to be out there – on their own. These young ones have no interest in hearing what they should be doing, or how they should be behaving, even from an elder sibling.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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