Okay Leftovers

I think I can finally cry uncle…okay leftovers, you win. It wasn’t a huge fight and I really am not that sad about it, but, it is over.

I am done.

We have made sandwiches, salads, pizza (that is always one of the best options) and just reheated them all by themselves.

Yet it only took four days and I am 100% officially bored with the foods from Thanksgiving. I can’t do it anymore.

This is not to say that I won’t crave a “Gobbler” sandwich in a week or two, by which point the delis that make them (and have promoted them incessantly since early fall) will say they are done with all of that.

Which, of course, makes sense…Because you have to have variety. You can really only eat so much turkey, potatoes and stuffing.

You have to change it up or the people get bored. We are used to variety. We are no longer hunter gatherers, foraging for the only edible things on the planet. We have options…and exercise those options we do.

Speaking of exercise…we have just 31 more days to go until the end of the year and if you haven’t already, you better start thinking of what new form of exercise you are going to add to your normal routine.

With the way things are going out there in the world these days, we won’t be seeing the inside of a yoga studio, an indoor pool or any variety of “gym” you crave – be it cycling, cross fit, boxing or big box – any time soon.

Or, we can just succumb to eating more of what we like, for days on end afterwards.

Or, can we?

All of that said, however; while there are many holidays that have okay leftovers, it is Thanksgiving that really does have the best ones. Now. About those Christmas cookies…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS In case you were wondering, she is just going to keep eating (and exercising) until all of this is over.

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