Official, But

It is official, but it doesn’t quite feel that way.

Summer would normally start today, on Memorial Day. Yet, there are still too many unknowns and lots of things changing. Still.

  • Who says these are the new rules?
  • Where are all of these guidelines written?
  • Why do you need to do it?
  • What if you don’t listen?
  • Will you need to lawyer up?

Summer is normally a time to relax and slow down (but, haven’t we been doing that already?)

Warmer weather, and all we want to do is be outside, hang with friends and celebrate. Yet, can we?

Memorial Day is a good time to remember and accept the responsibilities of the freedoms granted to us by those who laid down their lives. For us.

This year, it feels different. Many have indeed given their lives, in our past and recently, but on a very different front line.

  • How can we reconcile all of this in our minds, for our future?

I can’t say I have the answers. Just more questions.

Also, I can’t help but wonder, what our ancestors and former leaders would be thinking as the world around us is changing.

I mean, it seems like they are official, but the new regulations just seem quite arbitrary, inconsistent and random. My hope, is that things do keep changing, hopefully with a common ground, a better path forward and better ways of life when all of this is over. And. We don’t lose anyone else.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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