Now Hiring

The other day, my daughter and I were driving down the road and there was a sign that hadn’t been there before. Now Hiring! (Below that it said “Great People”.)

Um, sure. Good idea, right? You wouldn’t want to hire horrible people. Would you?

Maybe you do. Say, you own a collection agency, and you are paying employees to make endless calls to harass people to get the money – which they of course, owe you because you already paid the customer their portion. Anything you recover is helping pay your bills now.

Furthermore, it is paying the staff, the horrible staff you employ, who do a very good job at getting money out of people who owe a debt.

Back to the great folks over at the storage place…

Well, honestly, we had a little bit of fun with that sign and the supposition that you wouldn’t want to hire terrible people. People who show up late, hate to work and/or just skate by, doing the bare minimum. (We had brainstormed a bit, finding words that rhymed with great, like late, hate, skate, etc. Not all of them made sense of course, but that was most of the fun.)

Tonight, another sign that was new to us. Now Hiring. Actually, it said “Help Wanted” and below that it simply said “Dishwashers + Line Cooks”. Nothing else about them. Nothing. I think, no. I know. I’d rather be specific. The other way just seems to be a bit, um desperate and certainly leaves it up to interpretation. At least the other way around, people applying have the self-confidence that they are, indeed, great.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Help Wanted. Or Now Hiring. What's the difference?

Help Wanted. Or Now Hiring. What’s the difference?

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