Not The Same

Many things are not the same as you remember them.

Typewriters, while they sound cooler than all get out (as in they sound so freakin’ cool), are:

  • hard to use;
  • messy to maintain;
  • in need of a lot of space;
  • heavier than your laptop;
  • missing a few important features;
  • (in fact, mine has no ! symbol); and,
  • not easy when it comes to correcting your mistakes.

But, they also make a statement.

Those typewriters of the 50s and 60s, they are not the same as the ones I used when I grew up – I am not that old thank you very much… But, the ones from those eras are definitely more artistic and photogenic…which is why they are in all of the background images of the celebs as they video themselves at home.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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