No Place To Go

Today is an unusual day for us. Typically, our weekends and especially during the holidays, we have someplace to be, something to do or people to host at home. So, since we have no place to go today, I think (at least for us) would be the perfect day for it to snow. I know, that’s cruel and an evil wish for the countless people who are driving, flying or taking the train home to be ready for school, work and “getting back to normal” at some point for tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to the end of this season, which officially – at least for my family and I’d guess quite a few others – ends on Tuesday, January 6th. I am hard pressed to find Christmas songs on the radio and while I could go “old school” and turn on our multi-disc CD player it may not be the song I’m looking to sing today. No worries, though… I am sure I will make it through the day – finding something to do, a place to be or something to entertain myself, my kids and my husband – as well as the right song to sing…

Having the flexibility to do what we want, if we choose to do something is amazing. I’m very lucky. It’s been a wonderful time and reflecting back on everything we were able to do this season I am grateful.

So, let it snow, let it rain or let the sun shine on your day…happy Sunday to all and since we’ve no place to go…maybe we’ll see just a few flurries or find a way to make some of our own.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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