No Left Turn

There are entire companies who do NOT follow the NASCAR model of driving. No. Instead they are adamant and mandate “no left turn” policies for their drivers because it saves time, minimizes idling and reduces risk of accidents.

NASCAR drivers have no choice. The figure 8 course or the oval is laid out and sets the driver into a left turn mode that keeps them all in line. For them. It is efficient, safe and allowed.

Setting up a safe, off-road course aside, for the rest of us, real world safe driving habits are important, too.  Routine suburban driving, turning right, right and right to go where you have to go, is good, Like UPS drivers, dropping off packages in each home, office or retail shop, is one thing. Driving around the block is no big deal.

Driving in cities is different.

There, in the big city (like NYC) one little no left turn sign today added at least 1 hour to a long day of driving. No prize at the end. No trophy to be won. No risk to be had…except for a ticket for not following posted signs which honestly might, just very well might, have been worth it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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