Next In Line

I always love watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies…there are a few as you may know…and the last couple of days one of the stations has been running You’ve Got Mail.  There’s that scene with the guy who is next in line, “Tall, decaf, cappuccino.”

I love the voice over of Joe Fox’s character just before that – the scene is perfect.

He is talking about decision making and Starbucks being a difficult place to be if you are not a capable “decision maker”.  The options, the choices and the speed at which you must give your order. Clearly they don’t make it easy for you with their own cup naming / nomenclature.

Well, you get used to it.

Grande, Pike Place, extra (extra) room for cream.

Salad Works in the busiest location in Center City Philadelphia was more of my issue. I never knew what I wanted, some days one thing, other days another. How many options do I get to add to my salad and can I get half pasta?

Never mind. Turkey BLT. Dressing on the side. Wheat Roll. Iced Tea. Thank you…

When standing in front of the bakery case; however (unless you are in Paris,) there is never a rush. Take your time, carefully select your delectable favorites and thank them as they package them with care.

If you are next in line, no matter what it is that you are doing, what ever it is that you need, just be confident, be bold, be clear. Also, if you are not in a hurry, maybe let someone else go before you. It is always worth the wait and reducing your stress – it will make their day and yours.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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