Never Settle

I would think this goes without saying, but certainly I want to remind you in case you have forgotten. Never settle for someone else’s dream.

You deserve to have your own dreams fulfilled. You can modify your dream (somewhat) to meet the reality of what you can achieve, but only after you exhaust all efforts to shoot for the moon.

We keep looking for our next house. We found the one we are in nearly 2 decades ago and it was nearly perfect – well, like I said, nearly… only slightly more perfect after we added 2 new bathrooms, expanded a third one, replaced the kitchen floor and added a mud room -oh, and solar panels.

After all that work, can there be a different house that is even better than this one and one in which we will not have to compromise? I know that there is.

I know I already said “never settle” and I don’t plan to do so… but it is a difficult task ahead. The Realtor and all the homeowners we meet are certain that this house; their house – is the perfect one for us. I am resolved and committed to making sure that we don’t get less than we want and we have already defined what we want, at least for now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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