Name Recognition

How far does name recognition get you? It can get you elected…or, sell more products, tickets and services.

There is a reason why brands pay for advertising.

It works.

Thus, there is a reason people running for public office put lawn signs everywhere. Yet, few people go through the process to do all of their due diligence and research the candidates as if you were actually hiring them to work for you.

In reality, the cost of a mistaken choice is more than just a beverage that you half drank and threw away, or a Broadway show that you really didn’t care for compared to so many others.

Those were choices that lasted just one moment, or one evening, in a string of many.

Name recognition is everything. Whether infamous, or not…whether good and worthy, or not. We should be able to do better – but I am not sure they want us to know as much as we should.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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