Money for the Memories

There’s money for the memories of people’s children… Whether your specialty is child photography, selling baby books or even bronze booties…do they still do that anymore? Parents, and grandparents will spend mega bucks to capture and be able to savor the adorable smiles, laughs, first steps and more – year after year.

Then, they grow up. They go on their own trip, they take their iPhone pics and send them to their friends on Snap Chat. No one is there to capture the moments for the moms and dads, let alone the aunts, uncles and grandparents who still want to see what their next generation is up to these days.

We will, no doubt, give you so much more money for the memories of the events we didn’t even see happen… Or, maybe we will just let them grow up, making their own memories and know that some day they will be there, waiting to see what their child has been doing for the last few days.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

the art or the printing of it),

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