Mmm Potato Chips

Mmmmm, potato chips are so good.

Sure, I buy them, but I don’t always eat them because I know that I shouldn’t. But, I was at a friend’s house and she bought them to have for a small gathering and I just couldn’t resist. You know the kind, super thin, super crispy and they nearly melt in your mouth.

You know why they are so good? Because they are fried and then salted and put in a bag.

They are even better when you don’t have to smell them being cooked for the hours that they run the potato chip plant. In my Friday evening at the snack stand, it was 3 hours of smelling the fryer. As soon as we came home, time to shower.

You don’t want to eat the stuff that – albeit normally – tastes great fried when you have to be there to cook it. So, for my love of potato chips, I am happy that I don’t work for a place that makes them every day.

A long time ago, Mike toured a plant on a job interview for the very same company whose chips we enjoyed today. He and I are both happy that he didn’t accept the position. We probably never would have eaten any of those lovelies, oh the crunch, ahh the salt, delectable art of America’s snack food and the satisfaction of being able to eat just one…more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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