Make New Friends

It is always a good idea to make new friends.

But, like the Girl Scout song says…you have to keep the old ones. You have to value the relationship you have with them, if not equally, a fair amount for each.

With old friends, you have history. They know your secrets and you know theirs. You have spent a lot of time together and spending more time within the company of the other is cherished.

Yet, with new friends, you have potential. You can be who you are today, not who you were then. You can enjoy the “getting to know you phase” and choose what level of insider intel you want to share.

When you make new friends, you learn new things, get exposed to new ideas and hopefully, you bring this with you to the older friends you have and that makes your relationship richer, more valuable and stronger. Then, when you feel confident, you can bring these two groups together and enrich the lives of more people. Now, the ones you know can potentially come to enjoy spending time together, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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