Lots of Steps

It is fall, and there are lots of steps between now and then…here and there.

  • Senior year.
  • College bound.

So many choices.

  • Urban, suburban or rural.
  • College town or integrated into the area.
  • Near or far.
  • Private, public or religious.
  • Flat or hilly.
  • Hot, warm, or cold.
  • Chance of being humid and rainy, or dry like the desert.
  • Huge, mid-sized or so small, that it’s smaller than the school he is currently attending.

The journey never ends, but this is one that has a cautious beginning. Doing as much as possible to try to make it the right fit for the long haul. Sure, you have a direction, but if you are not interested in the legacy (for completely sound and logical reasons) then you have to start the search somewhere completely unknown.

Today, was just one day, but we walked lots of steps…in his shoes, maybe. Who knows. (Not us and not him…yet.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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