Long Overdue

Some things become long overdue…and you must:

  • remedy them.
  • resolve them.
  • remember to complete them.
  • retroactively approve them.
  • reserve the celebration ahead of time, even if you have to wait for it to happen.

Embrace the idea that:

  • you can apologize.
  • you can deliver it later.
  • you can make it right.
  • you can take a break.
  • you can take the time you need, even if you have to accomplish a long list first.

Don’t let the good things go by, to become long overdue; you won’t regret making plans. I promise you this. Life goes by too quickly, especially in the last 18 months (and counting). Do what you need to do, don’t let every single thing that has to get done get in the way of life.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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