Living Together

Throughout our lives, we spend them, living together with family, random people (college, um can we say freshman year in the dorm) and friends…then family, again.

If we are lucky, we get to do the family – friends toggle over and over and over again…

Living alone – is not always great, it can be:

  • lonely.
  • quiet.
  • more expensive.
  • empty.
  • boring.

But with a roommate, they may be too friendly, too loud, they may not pay their share, take up too much space and be too overly excited. All. The. Time.

The perfect balance…friends who want to spend time together, just the right amount of me time, budget friendly, full of fun new furniture that you’d never have selected but looks amazing…and never, ever boring.

Of course, living together does come with it’s challenges – but if you develop the right skills and you will be much (much) happier with the right group of peeps (and their adorable yellow chair and super clean desk.) After having this experience, you get to remember what you want and need most with someone to share the space forever – maybe even a desk where you work, across each other – forever.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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