Like Them

When you find some place, that is just like them, you know the ones, you have to wonder.

What came first?

Not certainly, the chicken or the egg. (Duh! We all know the answer to that one.)

But, what came first?

The big brand, that made a bunch of copy cat places out there…?

The look alike, nearly Starbucks (but more), just like Chipotle (but better), sort of like Shake Shack (but somehow less healthy).

Or, the little places that existed ages and ages ago. Someone who came up with the idea on their own. A single operator. A chef. An entrepreneur.

The one who came up with an idea, but just wanted to keep it quirky, unique and totally local – until a huge brand created a phenomenon – based on the same idea. Their idea. Now, they are a powerhouse based on something that was inspired by them. Sort of like them (but not even close) even though the original is considered the look-alike now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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