Life Can Be Difficult and Buying Gifts

Guys definitely do not have it easy…that doesn’t mean women do either, but life can be difficult and buying gifts for women – especially clothes – is near to impossible.

In checking through clothes to answer questions for family and friends who are buying gifts my husband found the proof that sizes of clothing for women (or misses aka teens) is a serious problem.

He says to me today quite casually, “did you know that in Indonesian sizing, a size 4 is an 8…?”

No, I did not… and of course, this sort of sounds “fine” to someone who is an 8, but the person who is an 8 would be a 12 – and a size 12 is a 16 – no matter what size the woman is, the difference between those two numbers is impossibly horrible to the observer.

I quickly informed him that is not something to talk about casually…which led to a conversation about how to avoid this problem.

Do you, instead, buy:

  • Chocolates? (What if they are allergic? Rare, but true in some cases.)
  • What about electronics? (Maybe, but certainly not anything in the appliance family!)
  • Gloves? Scarves? Hats? (What if they don’t look good in hats…not my problem, but could be theirs.)
  • Jewelry? What if they don’t have pierced ears, but wear clip-ons instead?
  • A book…but which one? If they read a lot, they may have already read Becoming, Expecting Adam and The Dinner List.
  • New ear pods or sound canceling headphones? (Do they already have them?)
  • Exotic lotions and bath salts? (Hate to take a bath or just have a shower in their apartment?)
  • Flowers? (Always…but only if accompanied by the person himself to share a hug and a kiss with them.)

In the end, we settled on and agreed to maybe, just maybe, ask what they might like. Or, ask someone else who is close to them and they might give you a hint or inspire you to the perfect item, activity or gesture that would make them smile.

Of course, life can be difficult and buying gifts – the perfect gift is often a struggle and at this time of year, the struggle is real. Hang in there, you are almost there and you can still find lots of great options if you have patience, save plenty of time to wrap it perfectly and ignore the pressure to perform.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS The size 4 jeans were our teenaged daughters…not mine you silly.

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