Left Of Center

Certain phrases become something else entirely in context. Left of center, can mean so many things.

A political position, a memory deep back in your head of a Suzanne Vega song or a comment you make to yourself as you drive on the other side of the road.

Today, for the second time, it was all about driving! Muscle memory, driving a standard transmission…bringing back the early days of driving. We spoke about being a new driver, and the perspective of learning to be a driver. We have a 16 year old and it makes it even more interesting to be in the car. Pay attention. Drive carefully. Look ahead. Try to anticipate what is coming next. Or, just try not to hit something 10 feet in front of you.

It’s an entirely different thought process. Maybe you are just trying to stay off the centerline of the road and not hitting the curb while avoiding on coming car mirror, too. In that case, left of center is the most important to you. It’s always – or at least often – about perspective.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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