Learning a Trade

In honor of spring break, instead of taking a long holiday, the kids spent time learning a trade, or two (maybe three.)  Not a bad way to spend their time, at least in terms of “traditional” education.

They did have a mini-break with touristy things, seeing the sights, dining out and sleeping in.

Then, they spent two days, painting, tiling, moving finished wood and helping renovate a bedroom and bathroom.

As children, ones who will probably grow up to go to University to study, read books, explore theory and spend time in labs, it helps to have some practical knowledge. Learning a trade, getting dusty-dirty, using physical strength, combining materials to visualize and then piece together a puzzle, isn’t essential, but can really help learning how to make things work. Like I said, what a good way to spend some time away from school.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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