Just Mash It All Together

Ok. Let’s just mash it all together.

I am talking about the “early” Black Friday, and then the actual BFD sales that lasted all weekend long just before the Cyber Monday sales kicked in early, and will run late if there is still inventory to move.

Let’s be done with it, already. I think we are all done with this anyway. There are better ways to handle it.

The deals are all online anyway – and do we really need to call it “Cyber” when everyone buys everything online now, delivered to your door, or to the trunk of your car – at your choice of convenience.

Don’t even get me started on the Thanksgiving leftovers…whether you planned ahead to have them, or people just ate too many pre-dinner snacks (aka breakfast and crudités – maybe it was the dip…) The amount in the fridge is overwhelming. How many times can you eat them in one weekend, anyway? Maybe every day, for 4 or 5 or 6 days. (And counting.)

Just as long as the sales will last. (Oh, gosh I really hope not, I literally could not be craving pizza any more than I am already.)

Better when you just mash it all together and get it over with – the end.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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