Just a Number

When you are stuck in a place where in some respects, you are just a number.

Waiting for the masses to be served. It can take several minutes that feels like hours, even when it isn’t – but then, the number flip actually, literally takes hours.

  • The DMV.
  • On a Saturday.
  • After a holiday weekend.

Conversely, when you have to book an appointment, because a completely different agency (yet still one overseen by the government) won’t allow themselves to be over committed. They are not only running on time, they are ahead of schedule.

  • They are happy.
  • They are not volunteers.
  • They are at the local public library.

They ask how your day is going, and tell you that you did everything right; so right in fact that they can’t accept your processing fee. They help you anyway and send you home with more money in your pocket.

There, you are not just a number. What’s more, you have a profound sense of thankfulness and gratitude for super helpful people. In addition, you have more confidence that you don’t have to worry about the world your children will grow into…there are more people out there just like them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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