It’s a Hat

Children should be our inventors in all things. They just see things that we cannot, or more likely choose not to see. Anything that is round-ish or scooped – boom! It’s a hat.

  • A few books = a step-stool.
  • A blanket = a pillow.
  • A slice of candied orange from a cupcake = a wheel to roll around on the table.
  • A towel = a cape.
  • A little girl or boy on the beach they have never met before = a friend.
  • A quiet place on the floor = a great place to curl up and go to sleep after a full day on the beach.

We have just had a few tiny visitors today and while these observations are not truly inventions, they make me pause, step out of the normal routine to see things differently. Of course that Tupperware is not a bowl, it’s a hat! It is also a megaphone and a fabulous way to entertain the great-grand parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and yes, even the barely older than they are, cousins. Garnering attention, becoming center stage and giving us a fresh new perspective to go back and see new things.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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