It Is You

Contrary to the fabulous Seinfeld line, “it’s not you, it me…” in this case; it IS you.

That commercial, you know the one, the one where you’re like “huh? I don’t get it.” Well, in this case, it isn’t them – it is you that doesn’t get it and that is 100% ok. You aren’t supposed to get it. You aren’t the target audience.

If you are not the target, but you understand and think, “Hmmm, maybe I need one of those.” Well, then. That’s just a bonus for the advertiser, retailer and manufacturer. They just sold one more than they’d thought they could sell.

Don’t be worried, upset or even concerned. It is you and you are just the way you are supposed to be. Smile, enjoy it and then tell them something that they won’t get…if you want, you can explain it to them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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