Is It Good?

Is it good?

  • Dinner. You made it, you taste tested as you went, adding in what was missing. Now that it is done and you tried it…are you happy with it?
  • The Board presentation. It’s your update, you worked on it for a long time…will you get approval, funded, the team and/or the support you need?
  • That new musical. If you wrote it, produced it, directed it and/or performed in it…did you do your absolute best and did the audience laugh, clap or cry at the right moments?
  • An article you wrote. Well, you wrote it – even if it wasn’t your choice of topic…does it tell the story you want to tell and convey the importance of your message?
  • The book club book. You read it first, took notes, listened or read back to certain passages and made a list of things to discuss…are you happy you chose it, and happier still for having read it (even if no one else liked it)?
  • The life you live. This is really up to you… do you make good choices every day, perform a random act of kindness or just treat people the way they want to be treated?

You know the answer to “is it good?”. The key is “the what” they’re asking about though. If you can control it, do. If you don’t control it, but have some level of influence, then help where you can. If you can’t do anything about it, be nice and don’t complain too overly much. Life is too short and it just doesn’t make it any better to be crabby about it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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