In One Box

You can sort things, in one box or another, just like…

Ideas. thoughts, and beliefs.

Legos – the ones that are just basic pieces or the ones that have a particular purpose, as part of the Millennium Falcon, Santa’s Village or the flower garden.

The Christmas dishes versus the every day ones, or the fun, plastic summer picnicky ones.

Our friends – these go in one, those go in another – high school, college, PTO moms, bookclub and the friends of family members.

Colleagues, co-workers and other peer professionals.

Maybe, it is better though, to not rely on sorting things – let alone people – in one box, or even two or more. Let’s just realize that life gets all intermingled along the way…Sometimes, it is just better to put everything together and see what happens. Come one, come all – we are all in this crazy world together, please join us in the fray.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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