Hurry Hurry

Even when you leave early, sometimes you have to hurry. Hurry up, there is a green light. Get to the next intersection where it is already red. Now, you have to wait anyway. People behind you pushing you to make room, so they can get to the light, make a right on red, even when…No Turn On Red is clearly posted.

These are the days when you are not in a rush, and it just feels like people around you are crazy. I mean, there is usually a reason that sign is posted.

Maybe, they are comfortable taking more risks than they should. They’re cavalier…or, they have less fear of moving traffic violations. Maybe they think self-driving cars will be here soon and licenses will be obsolete; if they lose theirs, it will still be okay.

Then, there are other days when you are late, but it seems as if no one can move fast enough, they’re all crazy. They must not know that the turnpike now has a legal limit of 70 MPH.

Maybe the person driving in front of you, is following the speed limit from 2 years ago, when they drove that toll road every day to and from work and it is just a habit. They’re not thinking of the change and they’re just going shopping, not in any rush at all.

Either way, totally frustrating.

Whether it is others around you, or you, yourself in a hurry. Hurry to get home, to get to work…to get to the store, to the bank, to the doctor appointment or to pick up your kids – before it is too late. It is all a matter of perspective. We should all maintain it, think of the other side. No one is actually crazy. Everyone is sane. They’re just not thinking like you are, today. Maybe, tomorrow will be different.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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