How Many Do You Need?

How many do you need?

Of any one thing. Certainly, you only need one:

  • dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • microwave oven
  • air fryer
  • super fast instant cooker

Sorry for the albeit short – but relevant to many of you I am sure – rant…

When you search and eventually buy a major appliance, or even a minor one, you are pretty much done for a bit. Same might go for that super fun, specialty area rug.

So, when the brand e-mails you “we miss you” after you just spent a fair amount of money with them less than a month ago – and it is not an apparel, restaurant or general merchandise company, I have to ask:

What is wrong with their algorithm?

Don’t they know we are gonna just hang tight for a bit, maybe a few years even.

After you buy one of a very specific thing, you are pretty much done. I mean, how many do you need? Really, it is just the one. And, yes. I am sure.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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