Hold On To The Past

When you hold on to the past, be sure you just hold onto memories.

Let go of anything sad…it doesn’t need to be dwelled upon too much to have meaning.

  • Historic sites and what they meant, so that you can learn from what happened before you
  • Relish the early days from your childhood – even high school (and college)
  • Cherish the special events and the milestones of your children – each of them
  • Laugh with your elders as they tell stories of your parents’ childhood – the legends of tall tales (all true)

All of these should be true and we should all hold onto the past – while we look forward to the future. We appreciate what we have today, but we know that we wouldn’t be here without the past. We are who we were…who we have become, because of those things, those times, those days. So glad we are making a new past…together.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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